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Solar Panel Cleaning San Diego, Ca

A New Look Window Cleaning is operated out of San Diego North County and performs Solar Panel Maintenance in San Diego.

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Homeowners have been investing more in their homes over the last few years. Solar panels can help lower energy costs over the lifetime of a home, sometimes just after a few years. Like other investments, solar panels need to be maintained and monitored over their lifetimes. Although minimal, the most frequent recommended maintenance is adequate cleaning.

The main reason for keeping solar panels clean is to optimize their performance. If solar panels become too dirty, they could produce up to twenty-five percent less energy than if they were clean. Solar panels operate on sunlight, so the less sunlight they receive, the less efficient the energy supply will be.

Cleaning solar panels is a relatively easy process, much like cleaning the windshield on a car. Generally, the rain will wash away most of the dirt, so it should not make cleaning solar panels a weekly chore. This may be impacted in dryer states like California and Arizona where solar panels may need to be cleaned a few times a year.

A New Look Window Cleaning starts by shutting down the system. We are extremely conscious to prevent potential dangers in the cleaning process and use a combination of direct "on-roof" cleaning as well as extensions.  We primarily use high quality solar panel cleaning solvent, soft brushes, squeegees and we never use abrasive materials as scratches will cast shadows and inhibit the performance of the solar panel.

The best time of day to clean these panels is early in the morning or later in the evening. Dew accumulates on the panels and softens the dirt and grime buildup on the panels.  Please be aware of this timing practice when scheduling as it is essential for best cleaning.

Perhaps the hardest thing about cleaning these panels is accessing them, as most people have solar panels located on their roofs (where they can get the most sunlight). Engineers at UC San Diego found that roughly ten percent of solar panel energy was lost during a drought in California. This prioritizes cleaning as that essentially means you could pay greater than 10% more for your solar energy!

Cleaning solar panels is a somewhat tedious task and it can be potentially dangerous, therefore, for your safety as well as the damage that can occur, it is recommended to use A New Look Window Cleaning for these services.

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